I Promise You (Father Promising his future Children)

I promise you

To be a great father

Yes am not perfect but I promise you

This, i’ll the best dad ever.

I promise you time

In whatever I’ll be doing

Whatever I’ll be focused on

At the end of the day

I’ll have saved a precious

Time for you

I promise you love

I don’t know how to express this

But promise to love you


In fact I love you already

I promise you to make you

Adorable men and women

With GOD’s help

(Nzagura umoja yo kujya mba capa LOL)

I promise you

Kwivurugutana namwe mubyondo

No kubaheka ma pyisi

No gutesha mama wanyu umutwe

(Kubafasha kwiyanduza kandi yabambitse neza)


I promise you to be the better Chef than your mom

I mean “we” me and you, we will always try our best

To beat her when it comes to kitchen.

(Kumviriza icyayi ku kayiko ko cyahiye neza)


I promise you

gusinzirana télécommande

mu ntoki


I promise

To love your mother

It isn’t/won’t be easy but let us be the best Fathers we can

We can make lifetime memories with our children.



I lied to myself

I started drinking alcohol and smoking

I thought it would help shut my mind

I thought it would make cool like

My childhood friends.

I was an adopted kid in foreign country

To a lovely family so

I lied to myself

That I had grown and it was time

For me to leave and learn how to be


Instead it was for me to be able

To go home late,

To be able to go clubbing

To be able to make out at anytime

With anyone that passed by my way

Or that I could meet in the club

I lied to myself

That I was now hot than before

Because of all texts and calls

I was now receiving from

The so called people who love me

And in my reward all I had was to offer them was

My body because of those sweet words they told me.

I lied to myself

That my friends some we grow up together

Were brothers/sisters now that they were with me on this journey

Instead they had been laughing at me behind my back

How I have ruined the chance I got that some of them didn’t get

Yet they were the ones who introduced me to this life

Because I was weak on them, I had no strong personalities

To say no to them or their Ideas, so that they don’t say I changed

Because am against them.

I lied to myself

That I was so romantic and it was in my veins

Just flooding in my blood, it is not something that I could force

Hence wanting same people like me who don’t force it

Those are the ones i shared those deep kisses with

After feeling me, they also told me how a good kisser I am

Those words increased my confidence of how romantic I was.

I lied to myself

That reaching my 20s when am still a virgin

Yet my so called Best Friends Forever had lost it

Which was a shame for me, as I was weak to them as said

I had promised that I would keep my virginity because

I considered it to be the precious gift to offer my spouse

So I had lost it to those I called “My heart, …“

According to how high their romantic words were.

I lied to myself

That sweet names, them posting my pictures on social Medias

Was the real love so I searched for those

Some people heard about my weakness and promised

To offer it and was ready to receive it because it was what I was hungry for

They offered me I offered them their needs in return

Now my heart is like a cracked shell don’t how to mould it again

I destroyed my life I can’t turn the clock back

So that I can ask for forgiveness all the people that I hurt

To all the people that I took their love for granted

I don’t know how they look at me now!

I don’t know how they call me!

Will they allow me in their lives again, once I confess?

Those are the type of questions I ask myself

I really need them back in my life *Crying*

I lied to myself

You think you moved on?


You think you moved on….?

Yes, you may have moved on because

That’s what you wish but to be honest

You didn’t move on….

These are some of the reason;

You may not be talking to that person

Regularly as it was before…

You may not be calling those names you

Use to call each other…

You may not be seeing each other more often

As it used to be…

You may not be giving each other

Those soft hugs in series no more…

The truth is, at the end of the day

The heart beats back to that person.

Yes it does

You may be receiving those sweet words day and night

You may be called all those sorts of sweet names

You may be given all those promises

You may be given different types of gifts

Yes you may enjoy them because

You only want to escape that Solitude

But once that light is off in that

Square/Rectangular room

The mind flashes back to that

Person Sometimes you regret

And tears all over the pillow but

Out of pride you can’t admit it

Yet you’re shrinking from the inside

You keep on debating with your feelings

If you can be forgiven

You might be keeping yourself busy with;

Your friends, Work, Going out, drinking,

Smoking or anything

That can turn your mind off.

Yes that’s what your mind wish but not

Your heart because when you go sleep,

The heart dominates all you thoughts.

Sometimes you keep your head

Looking at your phone

Waiting for that text or call

And once it happens, there’s always

That smile that comes in your face

Before you even open or pick up

That’s the real you

On your birthday you get every type of a sweet word

Which will make your face smile from the outside

Unless you get wish from that person,

Then the day will be perfect.

In Hard times Sick or Lost someone, you’ll

Receive all comforting messages from so called friends

“Some will be authentic and others will be hypocrites.”

But you won’t care and you’ll thank them

In public “social medias” but the real you,

Will go back in the room alone and cry

Because you didn’t see that message from that person.

And at times you’ll slide in the DM ask the

Person why didn’t show up or sent a message

Because from all the comforting words you

Got there were only one person’s words that matter

And you real believe they are real no matter what.

Lastly you always wants know that person’s

Updates in any way possible

So you still think you moved on?

The Failed Smile

images (3)

The day I had a bright smile

I had seen a bright future, smooth road

Travel the whole world first class or sometimes Private jets

Driving classy fancy cars with customized plates

With a city full of my mansions

But then had to wake up the next day

With a failed smile because it was just a dream

Saw your pretty smile with those dimples

And pure white teeth

That long soft hair like Kelly Rowland’s on Dark n Lovely

Not to forget your chocolate body

Fell for you then later proposed you and you said yes

Stood and looked at you with my big smile face

Gave you my best hug ever

To realise it was just a dream then I woke up

My smile then failed

Gave birth to quadruplets it was the best day ever

Smiled big time called everyone that I was a father of twins

Grabbed my mom’s arm and took her to the nursery to see them

Was hugging everyone on the way was like mad person

Made sure the whole hospital knew that I was a father of quadruplets

When I was given permission to carry them,

It was time to wake up and my

Smile failed

I don’t know where you are

images (2)

I don’t know where you are, maybe we have met or maybe not. All I am sure of is I don’t know where you are.

I don’t know where you are but here is some pieces of the man you will fall in love with;

Sometimes I’ll be stressed, angry, I will want to be lonely and it will look funny to you won’t allow me to do it. Because you’ll be meant to be with me in any situation. Inside me I’ll smile and maybe pretend somehow but all in know is, I’ll do according to your order. “ Bamwe muravuga ngo ni ubuganzwa, oya sibwo “

There times, I’ll act weird because of wounds from the past but kindly bear with me and listen to what will be coming out. “ Uzantege amatwi “

There times I’ll try to be the best husband, wake up early and the go in the kitchen wash the dishes and prepare breakfast. “ Don’t panic if you hear the sound in the kitchen early morning it will be me cleaning “.

If I lie in the sofa pretending to watch TV, I’ll be lying if I tell you that I am watching because that is not me. The real me will be a sleep already. The funny thing is, if you ask me, I’ll tell that am not a sleep even if it can be seen by everyone. ( I know you can’t carry me 😉 )

At times, you will want to go out with your friends and selfishly I’ll want you stay with me just two of us, don’t get mad at me ( uzabi mbabarire ), it won’t be me, it will be love forcing to do that.

There times I’ll be trying to be a helping husband. I’ll want to take children to bed “ kubikira abana “ unfortunately you’ll find it was the other way round ( sleeping before them ) “ ninjye bazaba babikiriye “. Don’t get mad at me  .

When I’ll decide to keep them “ baby sitting “, sometimes you will come back and find the house is messed up not organised as it was. Uza tubabarire ntuzaturakarire.

To Be Continued…..

Dear you, I know you are somewhere maybe we by pass each other, maybe we are in different continents but know that I love you already.



We are born happily smiling not knowing what the future reserves for us. When we young, we curious to know how things work, sometimes we try them and get hurt (like a baby touching a lighting candle) but does not stop that Baby to move on and discover more.
Everyone has his own Book to write. When we start to write sometimes we get barriers like rain falling, cups full of water dropping in your book. And at of the end of the day you have to write that book to finish it anyway, it is your success.
Those drops that will fall in your book, will be aiming to discourage you, stop you from writing. That’s your book no one else will write it for you. No matter what, those drops will keep on dropping, that ink will dirten the white papers but the aim of the droplets is to stop you from writing. The paper will be wet yes but don’t stop instead find a way to keep on writing. The source of the droplets will keep on releasing them.
Stop grieving because your book is wet, yes it is wet; hurts and difficult but the best way is not to stop the source of the droplets instead is to find a way to keep on writing on wet papers.
Let the past go, no matter how hurt your, it is you book finish it, droplets will always drop.
Is it hard ? Yes it is extremely extremely hard but it is to make us stronger, wiser, open minded, etc…
No matter how you are being called names, Insulted, etc… That was part of what the future reserved for you when you were born. Fight by finishing the Book.
When you close the last page, you will feel the best happiness ever after.
No more hurting, heart breaking, being insulted, etc… The result you will get after finishing the book, will be the one the Lord had reserved for you.



She was born, grew up, got married and got children.

A love of a mother 8th / May, the world says that it is mother’s day but to me every day is your day.

Mother every day I flash back your struggle being a mother at the same time being a father, try to make us happy in any way. Buying for us good clothes to look smart like other children. Working hard day and night to make our hearts and faces full of joy and happiness. Mother there is nothing beautiful like your love.

Mama, who else can be like you? Lord what kind of heart did you give her, that never gave others?

Sunday at church, I watched a video of young children saying why they love their mothers, each had his own way of expressing it. I got a chance to memorize some of them.

  • I love my mother because she is awesome.
  • I love my mother because she gives me what I want.
  • I love my mother because she cooks for me.
  • I love my mother because she buys me everything I want.
  • I love my mother because she has long hair.

All those small sentences, may seem simple to some of us, but they are real, they came from the bottom of those children’s hearts and they mean a lot. Well to me I will say “ I love my mother because she is my mother no other person that has a heart like hers. “

We all express those words, but the truth is we don’t have enough words to express our love for you Mother.

Mother, you brought me on earth, yes I was young, I didn’t hear anything but as I grow up I try to imagine the struggle of carrying me for 9 Months, how heavy I was to you, how painful it was while delivering me.

After all that struggle you went through because of me, I ignore them all and still hurt you, never listens to you, never hears your advises because I think I am a man enough but still you open your arms to let me pour all my tears in your chest and cry with me not because you are hurt but because am hurt. Lord tell me how can I explain that love?

Mother, when we say you are a blessing, it does sound easy but you are an angel from heaven.

Mother I don’t have enough words to tell you but this is a piece of what is on my heart.



GOD Bless you


Why do you love your Mother ?